Brian Iglesias: Producer and Director. Brian is a combat decorated, service disabled veteran with 13 years of active duty experience, rising through the ranks from Private to Captain. He deployed twice to Iraq as an infantry platoon commander with 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines. Brian has over 6 years of film experience from development through post production. He has produced feature films, live music events, and his short films have been screened in various film festivals.

Anton Sattler: Producer. Anton is a combat decorated former Marine Captain. He served as an infantry platoon commander and company executive officer with 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines and deployed twice to Iraq. Anton is an award-winning creative writer and has worked on over 30 stage productions.

Combat Crew: Jamil Brown, Anh Nguyen, and Jeff Underwood are combat wounded veterans who have graduated the Wounded Marine Careers Foundation. WMCF provides wounded veterans with training for careers in media production.

Fiscal Sponsor: IFP

Post Production: Post Factory NY

Gear and Equipment: WMCF

Media &Business Support: Entrepreneurship for Veterans Bootcamp

Producers: Brian Iglesias & Anton Sattler

Director: Brian Iglesias

Writers: Brian Iglesias, Anton Sattler

Associate Producers: Brian Pistone, Adam Ahblrandt

Director of Photography: Adam Ahlbrandt

Camera: Jamil Brown, Anh Nguyen, Jeff Underwood

Sound: Adam Ahlbrandt, Brian Pistone, Justin Grey

Composer: Will Bates

Starring: Our Heroes